Enriched with many hair care herbs including Aloe Vera and Almonds which make hair healthy along with making them Silky and Shiny. These colors gel well with all types of skin tones and make the hair look colored naturally. PREMIUM RANGE Henna Based Hair colors have been developed after extensive Research and Development and a unique formula was derived which gives PREMIUM RANGE Henna a competitive edge above others.

PRIMARY COLOURS : Black Silk shade is the basic shade, which is used for covering grey hair by people of all age groups. The Herbal Based formula covers all types of grey hair and gives a natural look to enhance your personality with sparkling younger look.

FASHION COLOUR : Black Silk shade is fashion color, which fit well with the ongoing fashion trends. This color gives trendy look and is used by people who want a complete difference in their looks and personality

How PREMIUM RANGE Henna is better :

  • Consistent Dyeing Color PREMIUM RANGE Henna will give the same colour always. It does not differ from batch to batch. There is stringent testing of every lot before it is shipped.
  • Smooth Paste The paste is very smooth and very fine.
  • Outer Color is Green The outer color of PREMIUM RANGE Henna remains green for very long time and does not turn in to brown or black lumps.
  • Self Spreading PREMIUM RANGE Henna paste reaches the roots of the hair easily.
  • Good Stickiness The paste does not fall from hair after application.
  • Best Quality There are no small stone type material or white powder seen in our Henna.

Packing : 10g net in a sachet, 6 such sachets in a box. 100 such boxes in a carton